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The Swiss national Bank has bought 9.4 million shares of Apple

About three months ago the financial world was very surprised when I learned that one of the largest buyers of Apple shares became the Central Bank of Switzerland. But, as it turned out the resource VestiFinance, it was not a one-time event.

The Swiss national Bank regularly publishes the composition of its portfolio. From another such report, it became known that the Swiss regulator in the second quarter bought another 500,000 shares of Apple. Thus, on the balance sheet of the Central Bank is now an enormous amount of shares of the California giant with 9.4 million shares.

In monetary terms, these shares are estimated at $1.2 billion. However, since the report is dated June 30, this sum looks a little less, because Apple’s stock over the past few days has fallen by about 10%.

Among the stocks in the portfolio of the Central Bank of Switzerland Apple ranked first by volume of shares, which is almost two times greater than that of the second largest position – Exxon: $637 million by the Way, Exxon, too, is already much less than at the end of June, and possibly these securities have already conceded second place to Microsoft.

Below are the details for the basic securities in the portfolio of the Swiss Central Bank in the amount of $64 billion.
It is worth noting that the Swiss Central Bank in the second quarter got $20 billion, and for the first half completely lost us $52 billion.

It is worth noting that the last time Apple Shares have lost from their highs of 10%. Now the securities are traded virtually unchanged compared with the beginning of the year. The decline began immediately after the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world in late July released a report for the II quarter.

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Experts cite several reasons: despite record iPhone sales they was below expectations, and this despite the fact that 70% of Apple’s revenue due to the demand for this gadget. But the most unpleasant surprise came from China. Sales in China Apple declined 21%. Well, definitely upset investors forecast for the next quarter, which was worse than expectations. The company felt the negative impact of the rising dollar, and admitted to investors.

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