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The Swedish developers have proposed an unusual way to protect the iPhone from theft

Developers from Sweden introduced an unusual new anti-theft solution for iPhone. Novelty is a portable mechanical lock which can be installed in a pocket or bag, and the smartphone will not be able to steal.

The device is called C-Safe. One part is attached to the mobile device, and the second to the pocket. Simple the product consists of more than 20 components that work “smoothly, like Swiss clockwork premium,” say the developers.

Mini castle consists of two main components. One called Lock, need to attach to a pocket or backpack, where it will be the iPhone. The second part of the Linl that will hold the smartphone, attached to the back of the device.

C-Safe is made of plastic, does not damage the fabric of the clothes, and the locking mechanism can withstand even powerful jerks. To unlock the lock the owner of the gadget can effortlessly. Simply click on the phone down, iPhone C-Safe out of the castle.

Once you put your smartphone in your pocket or bag, it will automatically attach to the castle.

The mechanical lock is completely waterproof and patented by the company. It provides protection for the iPhone not only of pickpockets, but also from dropping the device from your pocket or bag. For C-Safe requires no battery, no Bluetooth.

At the moment developers are taking pre-orders for the device. The novelty will cost 1500 rubles in equivalent.

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