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The survey showed that Apple HomePod is in danger of becoming a failed product

How successful will the “smart” column Apple HomePod? At that time, as some predicted impressive sales for Apple’s new product, others predict a device failure.

Research company Morning Consult conducted a survey to find out how interested users are in the Apple HomePod. The survey involved 2,200 people. Every third expressed interest in a new product (about 33%). But only 30% were interested in buying after meeting with a comparative schedule with the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Among those who are already using other Apple devices, about 48% were interested in buying the HomePod. While 17% said that, most likely, will get “Apple” gadget, and 18% preferred the Amazon Echo.

In the total group of respondents, 17% of users are looking towards Amazon Echo, and 11% — more options available Amazon Echo Dot. The share of Google Home also had 11% of respondents, and only 9% of survey participants voted in favor of buying Apple HomePod.

New from Apple costs $349, and the devices from Google and Amazon sell for $129 and $139 respectively. 57% of respondents said that price plays an important role when choosing the “smart” column.

Sound quality matters to 51% of survey participants. Column HomePod ahead of the competition in this aspect. The device is equipped with a 4-inch sabvufera to achieve clean and deep bass, and seven tweeters responsible for the clarity of the upper frequencies with a separate amplifier for each.

Chip Apple A8, the underlying system for the automatic orientation of the HomePod allows the column to determine in which part of the room she is in the corner, on the table, on the bookshelf, and optimize the sound given the location.

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HomePod is still in the process of being finalized. Apple spoke about the support of the voice assistant Siri, HomeKit controls, as well as integration with Apple Music. Sales of the device will start in December this year. Perhaps after the start of sales HomePod will interest more users.

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