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The Supreme court had found Samsung innocent of stealing iPhone design

Apple has lost the trial on the suit against Samsung for patent infringement in the U.S. Supreme court. The court ruled in favor of the South Korean manufacturer.

The U.S. Supreme court reversed the decision of the court of appeal, according to which Samsung was to pay Apple $399 million for the use of the iPhone design.

The iPhone maker filed a lawsuit in Northern California for Samsung in 2011, accusing the South Korean company in violation of Apple’s patents. According to the company, Samsung is using the design and styling of the American brand.

In Samsung, in turn, argue that smartphones represent a very complex and comprehensive product that combines many components, each of which individually may be the subject of legal proceedings. As a result, any small item like the shape of icons in the interface may deprive the manufacturer of all profits derived from the development of an innovative product.

In 2012, the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $930 million for patent infringement. Samsung filed several appeals, trying to reduce the amount of the fine.

At the end of this trial all eight judges unanimously supported the decision “to return the case to the lower court” – the court of appeals, which previously decided to recover from Samsung $399 million for the design of its products infringes the patents Apple used in the iPhone.

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