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The superoxide of lithium will allow to 5 times increase battery capacity for iPhone

A team of scientists from Argonne national laboratory of the office of energy research, the United States announced the discovery, which will solve the problem of the relatively low battery life of modern mobile devices. We are talking about batteries based on the lithium superoxide, which is capable of storing capacity, up to five times faster than lithium-ion counterparts. The study is published in the journal Nature.

According to the scientists, their discovery allows to “stabilize crystalline lithium superoxide (LiO2) instead of lithium peroxide”, while the battery is low. Superoxide decays to lithium lithium and oxygen, making the battery more stable, increasing its life cycle and productivity.

Pure lithium-oxygen battery to create difficult, and the security of its far from acceptable for use in gadgets. Scientists have found the solution in the form of graphene cathode, stabilizing this fragile system. The battery is a closed system not requiring additional supply of oxygen from the environment. This factor makes it not only safer and more stable, but also more economical.

Despite the new achievement, lithium-oxygen batteries will not soon appear in mobile devices. It is necessary to conduct a lot of research before smartphone users can appreciate the advantages of the new generation of powerful batteries.

At the moment, scientists are conducting a study of LiO2 batteries: study of the speed of their charge, and the number of cycles they can withstand.

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