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The success of the iPhone X will determine the future of Apple

GBH Insights analyst Daniel ITT argues that the future of Apple depends on the success of the iPhone X.

In its report, the detention center said that Apple is at a crossroads. On the one hand, X iPhone and its revolutionary updates really can stimulate unprecedented growth of sales and profits for Apple. However, if the new smartphone does not meet expectations, it may adversely affect the company’s profit in the coming years. In any case, the future will become clear only after the beginning of sales of the iPhone X.

Of great importance is how well the smartphone will be sold in China. This year the share of the country accounts for 25% of total revenue of Apple. The company expects that by 2020 this figure will rise to 30%.

ITT expressed the opinion , based on the collected GBH Insight data. According to analysts, more than 350 million users in China own an iPhone at least two years. According to the October survey, 93% of smartphone owners Apple, are planning to buy a new phone next year, going to buy an iPhone.

“According to forecasts, in 12 months, Apple will sell more iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus than the iPhone 6 for all time since the release. If this assumption is correct, over the next 18 months, the value of one share of Apple will be about $ 175. At the most successful coincidence of circumstances the price per share can reach $ 230. This will allow Apple to be the first company, the cost of which will exceed one trillion dollars. But this is only possible with increased demand in China.”

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The iPhone X will start next month.

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