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The substitution in our opinion: Taiwan processors decided to consider Russian

Russian processors will be considered not only the chip, produced in Russia, but the chips that are created by Russians abroad, the Ministry decided. It is in the interests of companies MCST and “T-Platforms”, which will start in Taiwan, the production of multi-core processors “Elbrus” and “Baikal”,— they will have no formal obstacles to public procurement.

According to “Kommersant”, the idea of the Ministry of industry and trade is based on the fact that the domestic chip manufacturer will be considered a legal entity that is tax resident of the Russian Federation and 50% plus 1 share is owned by the beneficiaries from Russia. The company must have design documentation for the manufacture of chips and not to use ready-made circuit solutions are of foreign origin. Structure and program code also needs to be developed within the country.

In order to distinguish traditional Russian production and the chips are considered to be Russian, even introduced categories: chips, development and production which will lead the Russian company in Russia, will receive the status of the integrated circuit first domestic production, and domestic circuits “second level” will be referred to as products manufactured abroad, the production of which will involve foreign companies.

Most in this approach to the understanding of Russian chips needed MCST and “T-Platform”, which will start in Taiwan, the production of multi-core processors “Elbrus” and “Baikal”, — they will have no formal obstacles to public procurement. In portfolio companies already have solutions that are potentially interesting for the implementation of the plan of import substitution, at least in hossmere: 28-nanometer processor Baikal-T1 and “Elbrus-4C”, which is used in servers “Elbrus 4.4”.

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According to sources of Kommersant, the company “Micron” (controlled companies AFK “System”) sought recognition of domestic chips chips produced in Russia. The Director of the Department of electronic industry of the Ministry of industry and trade Sergey Khokhlov said that now the country is not possible to produce chips with process technology 65 nm, however, the draft 32 – and 28-nm solutions in Russia: “We don’t want to offend people, therefore we have developed criteria for domestic chip of the first and second levels.”

Note that something similar will soon happen to the YotaPhone, which companies are testing flexible Plastic Logic screens, the production of which is owned RUSNANO and while that is based outside of Russia. In the issue of domestic high-tech developments serious statement was made in “assistance”, where there is a perception that Apple and Samsung will soon be replaced with Russian products. The new formulation will allow us to be very flexible in terms of saturation of the market in the shortest possible time, and there is a local material and technical base will be able to catch up to an acceptable and competitive level.

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