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The student talked about the “hellish” conditions on the production of the iPhone in Shanghai

A graduate of new York University detszyan Zeng worked for a month and a half at the plant Pegatron, which assembles Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Within the educational project he was able to look at factory life through the eyes of the ordinary worker. In an interview with Business Insider, a student shared his impressions about the working conditions at the enterprise.

When Zeng only took the job, his duties included the Assembly of the iPhone 6s. He pasted the sticker on the rear panel of the device and screwed it to the frame. According to him, it was unbearable boring. All the work in the shop was monotonous performing the same operations, like tightening one particular screw in every camera or camera installation.

Pegatron employees are not allowed to carry any electronic devices, including iPods. At the entrance, every employee goes through a metal detector, therefore, to diversify the monotonous work process by listening to your favorite music is impossible.

“After the first two hours you get a 10 minute break. At this time many people go to sleep. If you want to drink water or to go use the restroom, you’ll have to spend 10 minutes just to hike to the bathroom and back because he is in a different building,” said Zeng.

While Zeng has completed the production of the iPhone 6s, the whole factory moved to the manufacture of the iPhone 7, to prepare the necessary number of copies for release in September. Security measures have been tightened. The sensitivity of metal detectors has increased so much that they even react to bone bras. Created a new infrastructure the Assembly line. Apple employees were present at the plant in the event of any problems with its forthcoming devices.

The working day lasts 12 hours, but because of unpaid breaks, the salary is charged only for 10.5 hours. For the month of Zeng earned about $450, including overtime hours. The indicator is highly dependent on the load of the plant, so in anticipation of the release of iPhone 7 many collectors have started to work on Sundays. Zeng said that personally acquainted with a man who had worked 11 days without a day off.

The Zeng was granted housing in the dormitory with other staff, but he had to pay for the food.

Given this wage level, people involved in the production of Apple smartphones, can’t afford to buy them. Most employees use the products OPPO and other Chinese brands.

During the probationary period the employee passes through an average of about five iPhone and most of the time it just a few hours to wait, when he will give the following device for the Assembly. It is forbidden to get up from their seats and even speak. None of the employees could not say that he likes this work, and staff turnover was very high. Some quit after two weeks or a month.

It should be noted that Pegatron pays great attention to safety and is conducting a thorough briefing of staff. Also employees download a special application from Apple with additional educational materials and information on overtime work.

According to the Apple representative, the company’s employees are always present in production and regularly carry out inspections. They ensure that people did not work more than 60 hours a week. It was also noted that salaries increased by 50% over the last 5 years and exceeds the minimum salary in Shanghai.

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