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The story of the first smart watches Casio has anticipated Apple Watch

Japanese watchmaker Casio Computer is going to enter the highly competitive market of smart hours. The company, which presented its first digital wrist watches for more than 40 years ago, hopes that her experience in the industry will help its product to compete with tech Apple Watch.

The watch, which will be discussed today — appeared long before Apple thought about smart watches, but even then they were capable of much. These little wrist devices have been a real miracle for its time — they not only showed time but also could play music, serve as a TV remote, to work as a calculator and a fitness tracker. This watch was not available worldwide, but mainly those who lived in Japan in the 1980 – 1990s of the last century. These models Casio can with certainty be called the first “smart” watch in history. But, as often happens with futuristic inventions, they are ahead of time and appear when they are unable to appreciate.

In the early 1990’s hour Corporation Casio has experienced rapid growth in sales and looking for new opportunities to sell their products. The company worked with the best engineers, not only time, but and computer industries. This resulted in models that today is called the rapture of the geeks. They are characterized by amazing designs and bold technical capabilities. Trendymen collected the most interesting models, which are now stored in the Museum-apartment Toshio Casio — founder of Japanese watchmaking giant.

Casio GMW-15

Year: 1989

Produced since 1989, had a graphic display of moon phases and cycle sunrise / sunset.

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Casio VDB-1000

Year: 1991

The first ever touch screen watch. Had function, phonebook, organizer, Notepad and automatically change time zones.

Casio JC-11

Year: 1991

Fitness tracker today is the main function of smart watches, but in the JC-11 Casio it possible to monitor calories, steps and distance traveled in 1991.

Casio BP-400

Year: 1991

Another fitness-oriented watches, this time with control of blood pressure and heart rate.

Casio RPS-100W

Year: 1993

These models also had the function of control activity and focused on buyers who clearly wanted to demonstrate serious interest in the sport with the help of major labels “fat” on the wrist.

Casio KPV-100

Year: 1993

In Casio KPV-100 was built in compass, which a watch is often bought by the Muslims, in order to determine the location of Mecca for daily prayers.

Casio VivCel VCL-100

Year: 1994

The most prophetic of the proto-smart Casio watches. VivCel VCL-100 operated in conjunction with a cell phone and had their own antenna. Watch to vibrate when incoming call.

Casio TFD-540

Year: 1993

Many believe that the most useful feature of the Apple Watch — the opportunity to work as a remote for Apple TV. These Casio models, thanks to the infrared port, the ability to control TVs and VCRs appeared in 1993.

Casio TSX-1300

Year: 1994

TSX-1300 had a “thermo-scanner”, which can determine the surface temperature by infrared radiation.

Casio UV-700

Year: 1994

UV-700 had a built-in sensor, UV radiation sensor and determine the type of leather, so you can always stay safe in the sun.

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Casio ABK-55

Year: 1995

These watches had analog movement with a dial in the form of an LCD display that shows useful information like the temperature and the numbers from the phone book.

Casio JG-100

Year: 1995

These monstrous clock was made for gamers and might play a simple multiplayer game via infrared.

Casio PRT-1GP

Year: 1999

Another point of contact smart watches past and present. Built-in GPS module in hours PRT-1GP was the first experience of this kind. The watch was intended for rescuers and sportsmenov-extreme.

Casio DBC-V50

Year: 1999

The watch has a built-in voice recorder than can not boast of even the current wrist device.

Casio HBX-100

Year: 1999

The first watch that can be synchronized with the computer through infrared port.

Casio WMP-1

Year: 2000

In Casio saying that it was the world’s first wristwatch, which was installed MP3 player.

Casio WQV

Year: 2000

Series WQV is a trilogy of amazing new products. WQV-1 were the first watch with a digital camera; WQV-3 were the first watch with a colour camera, and WQV-10 received and a color screen.

Casio GWS-900 G-Shock

Year: 2004

Ten years before Apple Pay, GWS-900 G-Shock had a contactless chip that allowed them to pay the payments through the Speedpass system that was installed many gas stations Mobil in some restaurants McDonalds.

Casio MGC-10

Year: 2006

MGC-10 were developed in cooperation with professional magician, Tomohiro Maeda and included functions simplest magic like guessing the card or the correct number.

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