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The startup offers quadrupled to increase the capacity of the iPhone battery, but to double the thickness of the smartphone [video]

Start-up from Los Angeles, CA Fat Battery launched to upgrade the battery of the iPhone 6s, which allows you to increase four times the battery life of the device. The thickness of the device will be doubled, but it will look more elegant than a smartphone, placed in an eerie case.

The service of the company is that experts will reveal the iPhone sent to him and set him in high-capacity battery — 6860 mAh mAh is 1715. In the end, the phone gets great battery that can provide up to 40 hours in the Internet up to 45 hours video playback, up to 200 hours continuous music playback or more than one-month in standby mode.

Of course, the procedure for independent autopsy of the iPhone causes loss of corporate warranty Apple. However, experts Fat Battery took into account this fact and offered their own warranty for a period of 1 year.

Initially the Fat Battery project was launched on the site Indiegogo and startup even managed to pay nearly $20 000 from $100 000 to get started. However, fundraising was suspended: the team received an offer from a business partner that, according to developers, will significantly reduce the upgrade cost iPhone.

In the near future, the campaign Fat Battery will be restarted on the project website you can sign up for news on this service.

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