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The start of sales of the new Nokia 3310 has caused a stir in Russia

Russian retailers told about the high demand for updated Nokia 3310. The phone was held this week at a price of 3990 rubles.

An updated version of the Nokia 3310 became available in Russian stores on may 16. Retailers are told about the results of the first day of sales of the device.

“At the end of the first day of sales, the demand for mobile phone is excessive, and we experience a certain deficit which will be eliminated in the near future”, — said the representative of “Coherent” Sergey Tikhonov. He added that demand for the new product is several times higher than the demand for any other phone.

“The online stores not one of the retailer Nokia 3310 no longer exists. Phones can only be found in certain offline stores, and these devices are also swiftly disappear”, – States analysts.

Experts believe that increased attention to novelty caused by the popularity of “brand and model”. They admit that the first batch of phones sold out fans of the brand, and this excitement may soon may come to naught. The fact that the device does not provide any special features compared to competitors, but is more expensive.

Original Nokia 3310 was released in late 2000. For all time, has sold more than 126 million devices. A new version of the phone introduced in February 2017. The device is equipped with a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, 2-megapixel main camera, a slot for two SIM-cards and a button keyboard. The RAM size is 16 megabytes, but can be expanded with cards microSD.

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