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The Spanish designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with a 3.5-inch screen [video]

Earlier we told you about the insiders, according to which in 2016 the possible debut of a low-cost version of the iPhone 6C. Information about the budget version of Apple Communicator with a small screen continue to come into the Network, and often quite contradictory. Amid speculation about the release of a compact iPhone designers create their concept of the device.

The new work of the designer from Barcelona Tony Larson involves the release of iPhone 7 with a display of 3.5 inches. Judging by the 3D layout, externally, the device will remind iPhone first, seasoned with the latest Apple technology: a fingerprint scanner, a powerful camera, iOS 9.

“I hope that they will solve the problem with the autonomy of the device, as this annoys many users. I also look forward to the debut of the compact model. For me iPhone 4s is almost the perfect device. If something like this will be presented in 2016 with all the latest bells and whistles, including Touch ID and good camera, this is gonna be great”, – says the job of the designer.

Larson believes that with the proliferation of phablets on the market vacant niche premium compact smartphones. According to the designer, Apple will be able to save on components and to produce a small affordable device for emerging markets.

“Given the above, I believe that this will be a great addition for the iPhone 7. Unlike the creators of other concepts I’m not going to fantasize about future technologies, this model may be out today,” added the designer.

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