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The South Korean authorities will check, if the iPhone 6s is the same hazard as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Last month, Samsung has stopped the production and sale of smartphones Galaxy Note 7. The reason was reports of explosions gadgets, which presumably occurs due to overheating of lithium-ion batteries. The initiator of the revocation of smartphones was the Korean Agency for technology and standards (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, KATS). As it became known, the office has launched an investigation into the situation with spontaneous disabling of the iPhone 6s.

The investigation was launched to find out whether the problem is a potential threat to life and health of users of Apple smartphones, as it was revoked by the South Korean flagship.

Previously, Apple has launched a program of free exchange of batteries for the iPhone 6s released in September and October 2015, and also said, what is this problem. In a statement the company said that its flagship smartphones of 2015, contain a component of the battery, which was exposed to air longer than it should be, causing the battery to fail faster.

In late November, Apple launched a program of free replacement batteries, iPhone 6s, which suddenly turn off when a sufficient level of charge. On the eve of Network earned website, which you can check whether a particular device under this program.

Apple has stressed that this problem does not threaten users. The Korean Agency for technology and standards did not believe the manufacturer and decided to check the security of the iPhone.

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