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The source code of the operating system of the Apple Lisa to be published in 2018

The original source code of the operating system installed on the computer, the Apple Lisa, will be published in 2018.

Currently, the operating system code and applications Lisa was recovered and studied by the Apple developers. This was reported by the curator of the computer history Museum al Kossow. As soon as Apple employees is complete, the Museum will release a document describing the importance of the Lisa computer, and the source code of its operating system.

Many remember the Apple Lisa, because this computer was named after the daughter of Steve jobs, although he initially denied it. In the eighties, jobs unscrambled Lisa, as Local Integrated System Architecture (local integrated system architecture). He later admitted that the computer was named after his daughter.

However, the Apple Lisa was a unique computer for its time, largely due to the operating system. It was the first Apple with a GUI and became the basis for macOS on the Macintosh. The Apple Lisa was not commercially successful computer for the price of 10 000 USD. A year after the release of the original version, the company released the Lisa 2, which cost almost two times cheaper.

According to various estimates, in 2017 remained 30-100 original Lisa computers. Such a small number of cars left due to the Lisa 2. The second version was not only cheaper, but offered the best performance. Customers Lisa 1 could change the old computer to the Lisa 2. After the exchange program ended, Apple has destroyed all Lisa 1.

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