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The smartphone is radar detector test best apps

Nowadays drivers have no shortage of information about the location of police cameras. Database with their GPS coordinates is sewn into radar detectors, video recorders and navigators. But all this is not cheap gadgets: decent appliances are not less than 5000 rubles. And not all are willing to put up with the extra devices and wires in the car. There are more affordable (sometimes even free) option — mobile app.

Edition ZR were tested in real conditions the most popular programs for smart phones that warns drivers about the cameras videofiksatsii violations. All the tested applications do not cause difficulties during installation and in use. Only need an Internet connection when downloading and updating base cameras. For performing its main function enough GPS enabled.

The main feature — the ability to run in the background, giving an approximation to the radar warning on top of other running programs. Exception — Yandex.Navigator that to alert you to the cameras should be deployed in full screen and associated with Internet.

Yandex.Navigator (iOS/Android)

This program is primarily a Navigator, and then everything else. However, on the test route, the app knows all the cameras. Thanks for that I should say and its users. The settings are almost there. You can only choose the type of alert and the objects for which Yandex.Navigator will be triggered. Ability to report on the radar is weaker than that of rivals. For example, it cannot run in the background: the alert cameras are not important, but a secondary function attached to good navigation that knows the situation with traffic jams. It is this combination of Yandex and valuable.

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Apart From The Radar Detector (Android)

In the free version Apart from the Radar detector warns only about the speed cameras, as well as potential locations of mobile police ambush. All other data, including systems operating in the back and on bus lanes – for the money. The monthly subscription costs 40 rubles, annual — 360 rubles. In the extended version Apart from the knowledge tested on the test route, and the number of settings is not inferior to the Radar Arrow, but in the long run it will cost more. However, as this application will not be denied.

GPS Radar detector (Android)

The settings in GPS Radar detector actually no: you can only enable voice alert and choose alerts — always or only when speeding. There is a paid version of the same program for 99 rubles. However, a huge number of failures and inaccuracies in the base of the camera repelled the desire to check, for what take money. And it’s not even about the number of points in memory. GPS Radar detector does not know the correct speed limits. In particular, on the Dmitrov highway within the city, he somehow believed allowed a maximum of 80 km/h, and only under certain cameras, while all along the route there is a limit of 60 km/h is Not recommended to download even the free version.

Radar Arrow (iOS/Android)

The radar Arrow is the best in the test app. Three modes of operation (“city”, “track”, “sound”, the most complete and accurate database of cameras, an extensive range of settings with which you can spend many minutes adjusting the program to your taste. Moreover, the Radar Arrow for the time of the test without a single failure issue warnings, and on top of running applications, and when switched off the display of the smartphone.

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HUD Speed (iOS)

With the settings in HUD Speed poorly, can only affect the sound. The database contains objects for the countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. In particular, for Russia was uploaded 12564 object. App honestly worked the entire route warning of the cameras for 500 meters. But with the accuracy he was worse than all. The distance to the object is displayed with an error of about 100 meters. You have passed the camera, and HUD Speed still counts her distance. Because Altufevskoe highway cameras are almost one after the other, then the count is interrupted before reaching zero and should be a warning about a new camera. In General, the accuracy of the trouble. HUD Speed is one useful feature is a projection on the glass. If you put the iPhone close to the windshield, it is possible without being distracted from the road to see the reflection from the screen.

Radar detector (iOS)

The number of settings is inferior to other apps. Annoying advertising line. In the mode “city” with low sensitivity and two display modes: in the form of dots in the picture-simulating radar or on the full map. That’s only in the main parameter database up — minus the fat. Why some are taken more than a year ago Avtodeli and never existed camera, but there are several among the new. In the background is not always triggered alerts. This applies to both sleep and work phone another app on the screen. The program left the impression is not very useful.

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Mapcam (iOS)

In Mapcam tinctures are much more. But the working screen for the first time is puzzling. When move comes the understanding that scattered all around the needles is the field of view of the cameras. From features it is possible to note the exact location of the cameras. These objects correspond to the real almost to the meter. Trigger warning for 700 meters. For the city too far, but you can configure it. In addition to cameras, the app warns you about speed bumps. Of the unpleasant – long-to-speech voice.

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