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The slogan of the iPhone 7 in Hong Kong translates as “This is a penis”

The slogan of the iPhone 7 in Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language used in Hong Kong, translated as “the penis”. This fact drew the attention of the publication Quartz.

As noted by Rusbase, we are talking about the slogan “This is 7”, which is the Russian version of the Apple website is translated “This 7”.

The publication drew attention to the translations of the slogan into Chinese, and then translated them back into English. It turned out that in mainland China, for example, the phrase translated as “7, here,” Taiwan “is Really 7”, but in Hong Kong, “It really is the iPhone 7”.

The phrase “This is 7” (這是7) in the Chinese language sounds like nonsense, so localizers have tried to change the order of words or add other words to the slogan made sense.

Version in Hong Kong, however, adds two extra words, and the slogan loses the simplicity of the original. This is quite a legitimate reason. The fact that the residents of mainland China and Taiwan use mainly Mandarin Chinese, whereas in Hong Kong they speak Cantonese. Dialects vary widely up to different writing characters.

In Cantonese the word “seven” is pronounced as “chat” and the slang meaning “penis”. At the same slang this word is used as a harmless joke – for example, if someone is caught in an awkward situation, which may seem funny, a friend may say to him “You’re seven.”

“Without a 3.5 mm headphone Jack is really a penis”, – quotes the edition joke of one of the residents of Hong Kong, posted in Facebook under the post about the different translations of slogan iPhone 7 in Chinese.

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“That’s why “This is penis”, “Penis here” and “Do penis” was not a smart choice for Apple’s marketing efforts in Hong Kong” – the newspaper notes.

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