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“The simulator car dealer”: to build a career on buying and selling cars

Game Simulator car dealer” was released in the App Store a few months ago and fast became popular as among Russian-speaking players (by the way, in the official public games in a social network “Vkontakte” already more than 20 000) and abroad.

Today the developers have announced a big update of the game, which at the request of users have implemented a number of improvements. In the simulator the car dealer was added tuning. Now the player can “improve” on the taste of any car in the game. To tune a car is possible in several ways. First, if for some reason the player is not satisfied with the color of the car, it can be rolled.

Have every machine you can change the wheels, exhaust system, set the wing on the roof. In the end tuning came the players choice.

In addition to tuning update finished off a large number of new vehicles, including the military, so now in the game you can buy an armored car or even a tank and try to make it.

For those who do not know, is to talk about the game itself. In the “Simulator car dealer” player to try to make money on auto trade. As in real life, the gamer can start the search of the vehicle, and to select such parameters as age, price, condition. You can call the owner to discuss the details and decide whether to go inspect the car.

During the inspection, with the help of special equipment (if of course they are) to make a diagnosis, and you can take the car to the dealer that will cost significantly more. After some haggling, the machine will be in your garage. The fun begins, if you are lucky and purchased a “live” instance, then everything is simple – put the car a little more and count your profit. But if a car was the problem, so they turned out to be you.

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The car would first have to fix it. This can be done in two ways – qualitatively or not. The second method is cheaper, but breakage can happen again at any time. The cost of repairs, of course, will be deducted from your profits.

“The simulator car dealer” can be downloaded for free at this link.

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