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The Secret Elevator is suddenly a great Russian horror

In games – both large and small, is very rarely seen Russian atmosphere: even if the content of the game somehow related to the sixth part of land you is likely to see international landscapes. It is foolish to blame foreigners for the fact that they can’t work out the “Russian” theme, but it makes no sense to rely on domestic authors – they prefer to work in the Western market, reasonably corroding from his works, parochial spirit. Meanwhile, the atmosphere of hopelessness and despair, reprinted, for example, the “Stalker” is in demand – but he has no suggestions. But, recently the App Store came out truly Russian game – the quest for The Secret Elevator.

You find yourself in the middle of the corridor in the panel house. A cursory glance is enough to understand where you are definitely in the middle of Russia, probably the mid-90s – although the surroundings can now be found in every second building. Around the narrow, covered in cracked blue paint of the hallway, lying in the middle of which vital attributes – for example, the Soviet schoolbag. Something is not clear, it is clear, of course, but the VoiceOver gives clarification: you are locked in the middle of the corridor, and never getting out of here and never see the sky.

Well, after that included a real adventure in the spirit of The Room. You need to find a way out, and this is carefully examine every inch of existential space. Pregnanices there’s a little plaster stands out, and here is what I think button. The puzzles in the game are quite simple, so don’t worry – from the first level you get out quickly, leave ahead of the Elevator.

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Lift is generally a Central idea and the Central metaphor of the game; that it is also very definitely falls into the “Russianness” of the project. Lift is not just a means of transportation, and philosophical unit – it divides you between the worlds, he, like purgatory, you might be clean and can eat all sins.

The game in General, that is, “makes you wonder” – the author obviously prefers to the methods of psychology, pushing the dark side of your nature. Here are frightening – but not as in horror, shouting from behind the wall, and scaring the deep, thoughtfully. You then closed the game, put down the phone, and, raising his fork to his mouth, suddenly left to themselves – and so that then meant the narrator.

Problems at The Secret Elevator is also there – indie, especially Russian, without it can not do nothing. The game is short, even if you are in trouble with the quests, a couple of hours. True, the promised “second season”, where fate will bring you with a lift-the trickster. The game has many technical problems – no, she does not take off, but control can be modified, and sometimes the hero does not listen to your taps. With the puzzles you can get stuck, because one button on the portable light is pressed – and this is critical.

However, The Secret Elevator is very atmospheric, intelligent and intriguing quest that instantly takes you into the bowels of the Russian Enigma. And it’s not even in the panel hallways and poorly functioning light bulbs, but something more meaningful – in the shower or something.

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