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The secrecy Apple: do users need surprises?

Every large Corporation has a unique internal culture. The corporate culture of Apple can be quite accurately described by the word “paranoid”, writes The management of the company so concerned with privacy developments, employees often do not know what work their colleagues from neighbouring departments.

Apple regularly holds a variety of trainings designed to increase secrecy. For example, recently hundreds of employees were forced to attend a one-hour presentation, “Stopping Leakers — Keeping Confidential at the Apple” (“let’s Stop leak — confidentiality in Apple”). The irony is that the details of this presentation very soon leaked to the Internet.

To surprise at any cost

As much as Apple terrorized their employees, companies cannot stop the leak. Information on upcoming releases enter the network in the months before the scheduled date. If so, does it make sense with all the secrecy? According to Tim cook, Apple CEO, has.

Cook sure that information leaks about the upcoming iPhone 2017 provoked a drop in sales of the iPhone 7 in the second quarter of this year. Supposedly, users, reading about innovations, which should appear in the new model, not in a hurry to buy the product that is already out on the market. In addition, according to cook, secrecy is an important “feature” of Apple. The company, according to the Director, is to “surprise and delight” users during formal presentations. So, up to this point all the details of the new product must be kept secret.

However, it is not the fact that secrecy is, indeed, encouraging sales. Just look at a few recent releases of Apple’s iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro. The information that the new smartphone will not be a 3.5 mm audio output for headphones, appeared online months before presentation. And still this fact caused an uproar from users. The additional touch panel Touch Bar MacBook Pro also leaked online before the release of the laptop. And anyway, this bar caused a heated discussion.

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Perhaps the best example of such situation can be found in the Apple Watch. Recall that the release of these smart watches were held in the first half of 2015, but a huge amount of information they could find on the Internet in 2014. Worsen whether it’s sales? Hardly. Even now, the Apple Watch remains one of the most popular wearable gadgets on the market.

It seems that the success of a product is not related to the “surprise” during his presentation.

Innovation is more important

Quite possibly, dual camera and unique portrait mode iPhone 7, would have caused greater delight of the audience ,if the information is not leaked out in advance. On the other hand, and the negative reaction from the lack of a 3.5 mm audio output could be much larger.

Of course, secrecy may be important, only many companies bring it to the point of absurdity. For example, at the end of last year, product Manager of Google filed for their company to court because of over-zealous intervention in the lives of members of the internal security. According to his claim, in Google there is a whole program of internal espionage and a giant team of internal investigations. In the framework of a program called Stopleaks of the internal security set surveillance of employees suspected of disclosing classified data of the company.

It is important to note that Apple at the time was actively supported encryption and privacy. We will remind, last year the company was at the request of the US secret services to hack the mobile of an alleged terrorist.

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But this principled position does not prevent Apple to hire former agents of the most secret services and in its internal policies to adhere to those orders that reign in any government Agency.

Yes, and it is important the secrecy? As the experience of previous releases, the secrecy has little effect on the success of a product. In the end, something truly wonderful is no less wonderful, if people found out about it a bit before the official release. So companies should focus on creating something truly innovative instead of trying to organize the world in languid surprise.

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