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The second public beta of macOS High Sierra is available for download

Wednesday along with iOS 11 Public Beta 2, users became available the second public beta of macOS High Sierra. Users will receive links to download the stable build of the new desktop OS.

To install macOS, High Sierra Public beta 2 is very simple: after a short registration on the Apple website it is necessary to leave an application for participation. The company has already started sending links to download the installation file.

As they say in Apple, the public beta of macOS High Sierra allows you to “look through the keyhole” major release. It should be noted that some functions, for example, integration with iPhone and iPad, yet to see fail. They will be available after the release of the final iOS version 11 in the autumn of this year.

The announcement of macOS High Sierra took place at the 2017 conference WWDC in early June. Despite the naming of the public access to the Assembly High Sierra will not all. Wishing “MacOS users” it is necessary to register on the Apple website, and priority access to the operating system will get its first million users.

Beta build of macOS High Sierra is not recommended to install on the primary Mac, it is not ruled out technical problems in the form of failures in the software, and before installing the OS you need to backup.

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