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The second generation Apple Watch worth waiting for no earlier than June 2016

The release of smart hours Apple Watch the next generation should be expected no sooner than mid-2016. This was told the Director of supplier Quanta, which refers to the Chinese newspaper United Daily News.

Deliveries of the first Apple Watch was launched on April 24. If the information is confirmed, the second generation wearable device will arrive on the market later than the original model. The head of Quanta Barry Lam expects significant growth in shipments of the new Apple Watch with improved software and hardware component of the device.

According to media reports, Apple is considering several options of equipping the second generation Apple Watch. In one version we are talking about the integration of the FaceTime camera, which will allow to make video calls. It is assumed that the camera module will be mounted in the top of the frame smart watch.

In addition, in Cupertino are planning to make the gadget less dependent on the iPhone. This will be possible thanks to the integration of new Wi-Fi chip, which provides basic communication functions. However, to perform tasks such as updates and synchronise media files, most likely, will still require pairing with a smartphone.

The battery life on one charge the battery, if it will improve slightly. Studies show that the average owner of a “smart” timepiece completes your day with 30-40% remaining charge, and the replenishment of energy reserves during the night, usually not an issue.

According to analysts, in 2015 fiscal year, which for Apple was completed in late September 2015, Apple sold 7.6 million copies of Apple Watch, which is more than any other manufacturer smart-watches (average price $530). Thus, the California giant earned on wearable electronics over $4 billion.

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