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The second generation Apple Watch will go on sale in 2016

A little over a month since the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch, whose appearance on the Russian market it is necessary to wait only in autumn, while the press is already in full swing discussing the alleged release date of their next version. According to Korean publication, the device will go on sale in 2016, and the only panel supplier P-OLED device will be LG.

In 2010, Apple presented its first tablet computer iPad. Already in the beginning of 2011 was introduced iPad 2 which is thinner, got the camera and many new features. It was a qualitative leap between the two versions. It is highly likely that the Apple Watch we expect a similar situation. According to available data, in 2016 Apple will reveal to the world the second generation of branded watches. The new model will have improved features and will not require the bonding of the iPhone to complete the work. All applications can be installed and run directly on the watch.

Although now it seems premature to talk about Apple’s plans to continue work on wearable devices, the source alleges that the company is going in the next modification of the Apple Watch to pay more attention to the functions connected with health and fitness. Improvements in hardware will be due to the increased number of options for monitoring the functioning of the human body with improved sensors.

Original Apple Watch has received a number of sensors including accelerometer, gyroscope, and a sensor measuring the heart rate. However, no hours support for GPS and cellular communication, requiring a large power consumption. These functions are available by connecting to the iPhone. Currently Apple is interested in expanding opportunities for monitoring physical activity of the user. Moreover, the operating system watchOS allows you to record various indicators, including the number of steps and even how long a user was standing during the day.

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In any case, you can always find the resources to improve, and Apple will now be examined more closely by seamless integration with HealthKit service or improve the dimension of physical activity.

The exact release date of the Apple Watch 2 source not named. Have relied on the assumption that Apple will show the model exactly a year after the announcement of the first generation hours – this fall.

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