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The same, but one and a half times cheaper. Why purchase a restored MacBook Pro?

The latest Apple products are exorbitant money. But, what if you take an older model, restored company? Most of last year’s devices, especially the Macs, are ideal for virtually any task.

If you want to “try” macOS with minimal cost, but not to buy a laptop “with it” and get the official warranty, reconditioned Mac could be a great option. On Apple’s official website has a section with restored devices, where you with good savings to buy, say, a MacBook Pro 2016.

The new and fresh is not always necessary

Most users will fit perfectly savoury 2016. Processor MacBook Pro, released in October 2016, will cope with almost any task, therefore special sense to take the more expensive upgrade 2017 no.


MacBook Pro 2017 is no different from the MacBook Pro 2016, with the exception of the processor. In the first case, you get Intel Core i7 last generation, but in most cases it is not needed, and will have to pay almost $460 (almost 27 000).

Isn’t he “used”?

The word “restored” suggests that the MacBook passed all the process of recovery from Apple. These gadgets are sent to the factories of partners, where, if necessary, laptops are changing all the faulty parts, then put a new display and battery.

After that Mac pass factory tests (the same tests are performed for the new MacBook), getting a new serial number and then packaged. Restored Apple device indistinguishable from new.

He doesn’t look or feel like b/u

Marked as “manufacturer refurbished” and “refurbished by seller” is not the same thing. Often the Apple devices that the company sells re-work and look like new, which does not always work for devices purchased, for example, on eBay. In addition, the purchase of a restored gadget directly from the Apple contributes to the feeling that you have in your hands a brand new MacBook, iPad or iPhone. Purchasing the device online, you still will have the feeling that it has already been used before you.

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On eBay can be profitable to buy MacBook

In some cases, to purchase a MacBook in good condition is cheaper and easier on sites like eBay or Amazon. But if you really want to save money, you have to find, as most sellers sells MacBook at the same price as Apple, and some even more expensive.

Store the recovered Mac is not perfect, but it’s worth a shot

Store the recovered gadgets isn’t always the best option. For example, you will find there really old devices. If you need the iPhone 6, eBay or Amazon is the only way. But, if you’re on a Mac, be sure to check out the restored Apple products before buying a device from third-party seller.

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