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The Russians under the guise of Apple employee lured Nigerian fraudster $600

Co-founder of the service mobile advertising AdtoApp ” Artem made who pretend to be a girl from the US of a Nigerian spammer to transfer him $ 600, promising in exchange to send a batch of 200 of Apple smartphones. His story he shared on the website Medium.

When friends in Russian startups Vkontakte added some Angelina Crane, he immediately realized that he was dealing with a scammer and decided to play it.

According to the”, “angelina” was entangled in the story of where she lives – I said it was studying in Ohio, wrote that temporarily located in Nigeria. The Russians started sending sentimental messages, telling that he is ready to meet with a mysterious “stranger”.

After she easily gave your Nigerian phone number, warning that it will respond to its neighbor by the name Alocada. Then angelina was asked to help with money, citing a difficult financial position. She asked me to send her $50-60 every week “before it will agree to a date”.

The Russians offered to send $500-600 per week. He also had an employee of Apple and told that he is sending to Nigeria a batch of iPhone. He suggested that “angelina” to receive a shipment of 200 phones and redeem one of them. He also sent several “supporting” photo customs and phones that the developer, in his own words, found in Google.

Nigerian agreed, sent their personal data transferred to the Russian $600. According to the”, because of the excitement Alocada agreed to send even pictures of their Nigerian passport, although it continued to support the legend, if it is the neighbor documents “angelina”.

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“I immediately felt that this was an opportunity to take revenge on a Nigerian spammers – wrote” in my blog. – In a few hours of intense correspondence I made them poorer by $ 600!”

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