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The Russians got the time and a fine of 1 million roubles for piracy

24-year-old Russian, who found in the Internet AT the license and places it on the local network for download was fined 1 million 147 thousand RUB he Also received a suspended sentence of 2 years and 3 months. In addition to the program he laid out in the local network tool to bypass its protection.

As reported by Cnews with reference to the press service of the Moi of Russia in the Magadan region, during carrying out expeditious actions, the staff determined that 24-the summer inhabitant of Magadan downloaded from the Internet software products owned by large corporations (what the software in question is not specified). Downloaded the software, he posted in a local network, where it could copy each user. As had protective mechanisms, convicted put him on a network program to bypass this protection. The user’s actions violate paragraph “b” of part 3 of article 146 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation “Infringement of copyright, made in especially large size”, according to AMIA.

In addition, the court sentenced the offender to two years and three months of conditional imprisonment with a subsequent probationary period of two years.

Russia’s planned General trend of gradual strengthening measures against pirated software. So, 1 may 2015, Russia launched an enhanced version of the law on piracy. Now the law allows the owners of all types of content besides the photo to go to court with a request for a resource lock, where to find pirated copies of their products. The claim must be filed within 2 days after placing the content.

Having received the complaint of the right holder, the court examines the case and requires the owners of the resource-pirate to remove controversial content. Roskomnadzor allocates its removal three days. In case of failure to meet the requirements of the resource gets to the Register of banned sites. If the copyright holder wins two claims to the same website, then access is blocked on a permanent basis.

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In the framework of the law “forever” was locked resources such as torrent trackers, and Rutor Noname-club music website and an online library of “flibusta sites” and “librusek”.

Despite tougher measures to combat piracy, according to Irdeto, 87% of Russian consumers believe that the production and distribution of pirated content is not illegal, and 66% believe that stream and download pirated content are also legal.

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