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The Russians found Viber error, allowing to listen to conversations

Messenger Viber has discovered a vulnerability that allows you to listen to other people’s conversations. Find shared user resource “Habrahabr” under the name Tambovchanin.

Use this gap when two people communicate through Viber voice. If one of them receives a call, for example, a regular mobile network, and he puts his companion to hold, he can press the Hold button twice.

The second man takes hold with his hand and the connection with the subscriber who is talking on the other line, will be established again and you can hear what he says. Self-user to participate in the conversation can not, but will be able to overhear someone else’s conversation undetected.

Tambovchanin discovered the problem in October last year and was notified it support Viber. It seems that the developers initially ignored the message, so the user decided to disclose details about the problem.

Until recently, the bug has touched on Viber for Android and check if it is available in a version for iPhone the researcher was not possible. In the received January 11, the vulnerability has been fixed, but it may remain relevant to users, has not yet received the patch.

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