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The Russian luxury brand released the iPhone 7.5 with a portrait of Putin

Caviar a Russian company has announced original case-battery for iPhone 7 with a portrait of President Vladimir Putin. The company calls the new iPhone 7.5.

The work time of iPhone 7 with the same accessory twice. Covers are available in four design variants: Supremo — with a portrait of Vladimir Putin, Atlante — with the emblem of Russia, Pelle Nero — a combination of alligator skin and gold and Amore Bianco — white.

“We call it the solution to iPhone 7.5. Because with additional features that gives you Power our Case, is definitely more than just the iPhone 7. With this charging case people will be able not only to protect and charge your smartphone, but to try – as they will feel not just with your phone in hand, but with an exclusive device that is always in the spotlight,” commented the new representative of the brand.

Each design is manually created using the same techniques and know-how that are used in the production of smartphones Caviar. This hand-crafted creation of three-dimensional reliefs, 3D modeling, gold plated Double Electroplated, leather classic Tuscan dressing.

The creation of new products is preceded by a survey, in which participants were asked to name the main drawback associated with the use of iPhone. So, 76.2% of respondents said that the main discomfort brings them to the weak battery of the smartphone, which always brings in a crucial moment, the press service of the Caviar.

Cost Case Power from the Caviar varies from 46 thousand rubles to 59 rubles.

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