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The Russian defense Ministry buys 700 phones with protection against “wiretapping” cost 115 000 rubles each

The Russian defense Ministry has announced an electronic auction the contract price 80,57 million roubles to supply protected from listening to Russian cell phones M-663С. As follows from the materials posted on the procurement website, the Department plans to purchase 700 phones. Thus, the cost of one tube is about 115 000.

From the documents that the special cell phones should be put in military unit 25801 for up to 25 October 2016. Applications for participation are accepted till April 18, the auction is planned for April 25.

Phones M-633С produces “Scientific-technical center “Atlas”, which until 2008 was called “STC “Atlas” of FSB of Russia”, and up to 2002 he was Scientific and technical center of the Federal Agency of government communications and information (FAPSI). The machines are a development of the commercial model of GSM-handset SMP-ATLAS/2, are equipped with hardware cryptographic protection of voice information.

“The phone works on normal GSM networks, features a sapphire crystal, colour display and mp3 player. While hardware and operating system — entirely our creation. Although, we will not hide, we use the foreign element base. The phone protects only the voice channel, SMS and data transmission is not encrypted”, — said the representative of “Atlas”.

The phone is made in a plastic casing, weighs 130 g In the “Atlas” explain that the high price arose from the handcrafted in small batches.

M-633С for several years, supplying various Russian law enforcement agencies where the phone is in great demand. “If cell phones through the network to enable the MIC and listen to what is happening in the room, the M-633С at the expense of the protection system blocks the signal, informing the user,” — said the developers.

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“Their release on the strength of 100 units per year. This manual Assembly. If we made several million pieces per year, the price would be significantly less. On production of a new batch of phones takes about four months. The most expensive is encryption module and the software — noted in the company.

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