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The Russian “breakthrough” smartphone TaigaPhone preparing to start sales

Russia is preparing the announcement of the smartphone with enhanced protection from cyber-espionage TaigaPhone. A product developer – the company “Taiga systems”, is 99% owned by the head of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalia Kaspersky. As reported by Mobiltelefon, the project of creation of the Russian CryptoPhone, announced two years ago, is nearing its realization.

For the first time on the smartphone became known in February 2015 and in summer 2016, it was reported that the production will be launched in the coming months. But, apparently, the timing was disrupted.

According to the Federal service for accreditation, TaigaPhone model number TP_1_3000 will be produced by a Chinese company Zopo, known for producing budget smartphones based on MediaTek chipsets. The filing of a Declaration of conformity suggests that very soon the novelty will be officially announced and will be on sale.

It is known that the device will be running a modified version of Android 6.0 and will receive additional protection from threats such as interception and data leakage.

“IOS has several levels of protection. The user has discretion to disable or enable individual components of the system. For example, you can completely disable access to the camera or location — said the co-owner of “Taiga Systems” Alex Nagorny. — Or make your phone “brick”, who only knows how to call. Or even call can not only show who is calling. Microphone access can also be disabled. The configuration is managed by only 1-2 buttons”.

“No information from the device — photo, documents, phone conversation, location data will not be able to “leak” without the user’s knowledge, noted mountain. Is not a finished solution, and completely made us a device of their own design, engineering and circuit design”.

At the moment, the technical characteristics TaigaPhone not made public. Secret also remains external and the cost of the product.

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