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The Room Three is the room of fear

The Room probably was a rare case, when the phrase “mobile puzzle game” does not cause feelings of mild shame – all games in the series are invariably pretty, curious, likes people, and, importantly, made that for mobile platforms – understanding of the platform. The third part in this plan was no exception – what we’re all and congratulations.

The Room begins Three unusual – your protagonist rides the train, on the table in the compartment – some cube, opposite the place of the hellish flashes displayed something horned. The cube splits into several particles (minimal impact), and the hero is mixed up in the middle of the island, where alone in the darkness shines a beacon.

The Room still operates mystical aesthetics of Howard Lavkrafta in half with the mysteries of Myst. Most often you are locked in the same room (see the name), where something needs to turn, move, activate and get to work. The tasks are easy, designed for minimum basic logic and spatial imagination. Sometimes the authors are a pleasant surprise – for example, you kapasitesi with the box, snap it in all the elements in one well, and it is time! – and triggers a mechanism that opens a giant wall around the entire room.

If, however, it became quite tight, and move on to the next room, you can’t, you can ask the authors: what to do. However, they do not directly answer – will first give a vague hint: look over to the lever. If you do not understand – there will be a hint of the next level: there is a lever, there is something interesting. If, however, and in this case will be muffled, the game will directly prooram the user: BUTTON. UNDER THE LEVER. CLICK. However, to use the clues in The Room Three – this is, sorry, I do not respect.

As in the previous two cases, the special charm of The Room is not what is done but how. The puzzles and the plot (the plot, however, is less) is awesome, but the game is fascinating to others.

Execution – each sleeve, push button and toggle move so smoothly with this hypnotic sound that I want again and again to pull the virtual levers. It’s hard to describe, but the game is kind of infernal tactile authenticity – it’s bloody nice to just drive there-here the details and watch as they are covered by Golden color, run around the screen. After wooden puzzles – open window in a stuffy room, as if breaking in a new BMW from shabby “the Zhiguli”.

The rest of the “Rooms” of revelations can be expected. The plot boils down to a menacing notes, which leaves some crazy. His identity will soon be announced, but motivation won’t be – and why we were driven by a slender row retracement, remains unclear. Just wanted authors.

Well, okay – to expect from a mobile puzzle and fencerows Thriller is, sorry, arrogance. Enough great puzzles, stunning visuals, flexible system and tips… and this one smoothly opening caskets – same damn pick as pretty.

Just for 279 rubles, by the way – it is definitely worth it.

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