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The return of Nokia 3310: Apple tensed?

This month, the court to the public will appear in the updated model of the classic Nokia 3310. Will you have a legendary touch-tone phone, new fans, and raise the love from his former fans? Experts named the reasons of the return of the classic phone on the market and spoke about the prospects of the tubes in the fight with the ma rket leader iPhone.

According to sources, the announcement of updated Nokia 3310 will be held in February at the world mobile Congress. The model will be a “modern version” that was released in 2000. The phone price will be €59.

“the iPhone is too convenient. There are apps for everything. In this apparent simplicity hides complexity because everything is available to you. While getting an old phone, you know that there are exactly those functions that you need. That is, there is no need to have a system Apple Pay. So already in 2011, when the subculture of hipsters, it was fashionable to buying a new iPhone and bought an old Nokia. They were tied with duct tape, because the devices are already collapsed. They turned to simplicity. And that Nokia feels the need for simplicity,” said associate Professor of the School of philosophy of the HSE Alexander Pavlov.

Leading analyst Mobile Research Group does not see prospects of the Nokia 3310, but says that the device can Wake up nostalgic feelings among some consumers.

“Nokia today gave its brand in the use of the HMD Group. This, in turn, the company established Faxcon — the largest iPhone assembler, is one of the largest companies in China. In fact, they use someone else’s trademark in order to then create your brand. If we talk about the revival of the Nokia 3310, it is one of our iconic designs, which became in its time a landmark. Today, China sells copies of the 3310, they enjoy a certain demand. But, of course, the market have left a while ago already in smartphones such push-button phones were not in demand, and they can not be mass product. There is some amount of people who just buy them in a collection, perhaps, but nothing more. That is, in the modern market is not a commodity with competitive properties. Based on this, it’s just to attract attention”.

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The concept of a new Nokia 3310

Publisher of magazines, “Stuff” and What Hi-Fi Denis Samsonov considers that the updated Nokia 3310 is very popular among consumers.

“I think it’s the best news associated with the brand Nokia, which happened maybe in the last five years. 3310 — good model, everyone loves her . You can see the demand for it, on the model of unzipped, which is to say, on ebay. There is a market for such phones. I think there are enough loyal fans of the brand and this particular model that’s ready to have her. Yes, as a second phone. Well, someone as the first and the only one, because there is a tendency to a conscious rejection of digital features that are present every second in your pocket and distract. This is also a trend that can not be overlooked”.

After the news of the return of the legendary tube British newspaper tracked down the owner of the old Nokia 3310. Work phone found at the resident of England Dave Mitchell. It phone 17. Mitchell said that over the years the phone many times dropped on the floor, did the Laundry, and even dipped into the curry sauce.

Note that worldwide has sold 126 million Nokia 3310. Most popular iPhone 6 has sold 75 million units.

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