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The representative of the trump FCC stated that smartphone manufacturers must activate the FM radio

The Chairman of the Federal communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Shares made in support of the idea to activate smartphones FM modules, program is disabled by the manufacturers. The iPhone, like many Android phones, this chip exists, although Cupertino this fact is not recognized. A statement about enabling the FM radio in the smartphones was done at the conference Future of Radio and Audio Symposium in Washington .

Earlier cellular operators AT&T, Sprint, Blu and T-Mobile in the United States have agreed to activate the FM chip in mobile devices. Sprint has already included the function of contract Android smartphones, AT&T, Blu and T-Mobile are ready to do it at any time.

The shares referred to statistics which shows that only 44% of the most popular smartphones in the United States activated the FM module. The vast majority (94%) of those that did not include the receiver’s iPhone.

“We still have room to grow, said the Units appointed by the FCC Chairman in January of this year. Strange that every day we hear about new applications for smartphones that allow you to do something innovative, but all these modern miracle devices do not use the key function proposed Sony Walkman back in 1982”.

In 2014 the national Association of broadcasters, USA (NAB) called on Apple to unlock the FM receiver in the iPhone, noting a number of advantages of FM radio over streaming. The Department stated that in mobile devices there is a universal chip for Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and FM, but the company in software has blocked the possibility of listening to radio stations.

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The Association also noted that in emergency situations, the FM-radio can help to convey important information to people.

In many cases, the problem of the activation module, the FM radio is solved by a simple upgrade of the operating system. In this case, an antenna may be a wire for headphones. However, the inclusion of an FM chip in iPhone at this stage seems unlikely, given the launch online radio station Beats 1 and interest of Apple in the field of streaming radio.

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