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The remote for the new Apple TV can easily break when you fall [photos]

Apple TV – a device that primarily want to check for resistance to drops. But the “smart” remote control set-top box such questions are concerned. User Reddit under the nickname right2pandaarms argues that smashed your Apple TV Remote, dropping it on the tile floor.

Apple TV fourth generation improved remote control. At first glance this is the usual “lazy”, many others on the market. However, inherent in the Apple TV Remote functionality wider, than conventional models. In particular, the device built-in microphone system lets you control the console by voice and a gyroscope and accelerometer designed to track its position in space during the games. And he’s equipped with a touch panel. It runs the risk of damaging the user, dropping of the device.

According to right2pandaarms, the remote for the new Apple TV has slipped from the sofa and fell on a tiled floor from a height of about 60 cm and was broken to pieces. Continue to use them, it is not possible to buy a new one. In Russian Apple Store its price is 6500 rubles – worth of Apple TV third generation.

We cannot say that this situation is absolutely unexpected, because the remote contains the glass touch panel. However, at the moment this is the only reported incident of this kind. Perhaps the user was just unlucky. In any case, when working with the Apple TV Remote should be very careful.

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