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The release updates Windows 10 Update Creators

April 11, Microsoft began distributing a major update for Windows 10 – Update Creators. You can install it through “Windows update”. OS became available for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and Xbox One. But smartphones running Windows get firmware, 25 APR. Apple warned about the incompatibility of Windows 10 Creators Update with the regime Boot Camp on Mac computers.

Microsoft does not hide the fact that the main idea of the developers of Windows 10 Creators Update was the desire to make 3D technology accessible to a wide range of users. Significant visual changes, the update does not offer. A new version of the shell will provide a number of new features and improvements: support for 3D and augmented reality, improvements in the start menu and Cortana greatly improved the Settings app.

In OSes are created with an eye on beginners Paint 3D that contains tools for working with three-dimensional graphics. It can be used to create a 3D model from scratch, change colors, add textures, transform 2D objects and figures in three-dimensional representation, share them in the community Remix 3D or print on a 3D printer.

Another significant innovation in the Creators Update — support game modes that optimize the computer and increase its performance in gaming applications. Also, improved security, including the updated dashboard, Windows Defender, Security Center.

No less interesting in terms of Windows security 10 is a new feature called Dynamic Lock, automatically locking the computer when the user is in the workplace. To determine the location of the owner of the PC used is connected via Bluetooth and mobile device — smartphone, smart watch or fitness bracelet. As soon as the OS detects that the phone is no longer in the immediate vicinity of the computer, it locks down access for unauthorized persons.

For efficient use of space on the desktop, Microsoft has included a number of built-in Windows 10 apps Creators Update mode support “picture in picture” that allows you to place a small window on top of other active programs and thus perform several tasks simultaneously. And for those who used to sit up at the computer monitor late, the developers added the function of “Night light” that allows you to automatically adjust the color temperature of the display and to avoid the eyestrain when working, reading or watching movies in low light conditions. The function of “picture in picture” and “Night light” earlier became available on computers with the operating system macOS.

Also with the release of Creators Update Microsoft has expanded the system settings of Windows updates 10. Now the user can flexibly vary the time of installation of updates for the OS and to suspend their installation (up to 7 days).

If the update is not available yet — do not worry. First, Microsoft will update more new desktops, laptops and tablets that have been tested to work with this update. Most likely, it will Surface PC and the devices that initially shipped with Windows 10. Then Microsoft will continue to deploy updates for other devices.

Sooner or later the update will be everyone. Force installing the Windows 10 Update Creators you can use the utility “support for Windows 10 upgrade” or “Windows setup”.

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