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The release of Windows 10 can slow down the Internet

Distribution of Windows 10 via the network poses a serious load on network equipment and communication channels. Experts WCCF tech not exclude that the release and bulk load the new platform will cause problems with the speed of the Internet worldwide.

For hassle-free distribution of Microsoft updates have reserved all large networks, the channel width of 40 TB/s. However, in the afternoon on July 28, the load on this channel has exceeded 10 TB/s and continues to grow as the connection to the distribution of new regions. For comparison, Apple releases generate peak load to 8 TB/s: iOS and OS X updates also seriously serious strain on the network and generate massive amount of traffic.

Experts believe that with Windows 10 Microsoft set a record on volumes of Internet traffic. They are confident that during the week the load on the network will be very high, and users can experience delays and decrease the speed of your Internet downloads.

Windows 10 became available for download to millions of users in Russia and around the world on July 29. One of the most anticipated innovations of the platform was the return to the “start” menu to which users have become accustomed seventh version of IOS. The disappearance of this menu in Windows 8 has caused a wave of criticism.

In addition, the “top ten” has a new browser called Edge, which has replaced losing market position in Internet Explorer. One of its main advantages is the possibility to create notes directly on web pages. Notes can be shared with other people.

Download free update Windows 10 can users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in the course of the year.

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