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The release of the iPhone 8 will allow Apple to increase the capitalization to $1 trillion

In the movie “Forrest Gump” there is a scene in which the hero talks about his friend who has invested in “some fruit company” and has provided to itself comfortable existence. The story describes the events of the 1980-ies of the last century. Today Apple is the most valuable Corporation in the world – in may the market value of Apple exceeded $800 billion, Analyst Brian white from the Wall Street confident that in the near future, Apple’s market capitalization will exceed $1 trillion.

Apple shares are currently “extremely undervalued” and should not pay attention to the decrease in the appraised value of the Corporation which for the last few months was about 9%, says white. According to him, the majority of the shareholders and investors await announcement of next generation iPhone.

At the end of the last century on top of IT-the world was Microsoft. Its market value peaked in December 1999 at $619 billion. it May seem that Apple already broke the record of Microsoft, but do not forget about inflation. $619 billion in 1999 would now be worth about $900 billion later capitalization of Microsoft fell sharply to $200 billion, but the company now more or less recovered, and at the moment it costs $532 billion.

According to experts, after the release of iPhone 8 the shares during the year is expected to grow to $202 from the current $144. As a result, total capitalization of the “Apple” giant will exceed $1 trillion.

Previously with a similar forecast made by analyst Amit Daryanani RBC Capital. In his opinion, in the next year and a half, Apple’s stock price will rise to $192-195. Daryanani also linked its forecast with the upcoming release of the iPhone 8.

That the market value of Apple can grow to $1 trillion, stated in the forecast of the analytical company Morgan Stanley. The main driver of growth, analysts say the private car of the company.

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