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The release of the game Pokemon Go turned into a problem for the police in Australia

According to Australian police, Pokemon Go carries a potential threat, as it forces players to ignore the safety when moving around the town.

The fact that the new mobile app for iPhone notes on maps of real cities, the location of the virtual in-game items. In Australia, the place where you can find pokebol and catch a pokemon, Sandshrew, at the scene of a police station in Darwin. As a result, the building began to flock to the greedy hunters pokemon in search of game items.

The police issued an official statement asking fans Pokemon GO not to get involved in mobile game. Police recommended to obey the traffic rules and with caution to cross the roadway.

According to militiamen, the game in augmented reality is a potential threat, as is forcing smartphone owners to neglect their safety when moving around the town.

As explained in the police Department of the Northern territory of Australia, the blame game principle Pokemon GO. Law enforcement authorities fear that gamers can get too involved in the game and in the midst of the chase for a trophy not to notice the traffic or the open hatch.

The gameplay in Pokemon GO is to catch pokemon in the real world using a smartphone, and then compete with other players in special Stadiums, which are located near various historical and cultural monuments.

When Pokemon GO will officially come to Russia, it is not clear, however, the official representative of developers in Russia, has promised that the game will appear in Europe in the near future.

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