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The release of the final versions of watchOS 3.2 and 10.2 tvOS

Monday along with iOS 10.3, Apple has released a cumulative update for “smart” watches Apple Watch and Apple TV. To download steel available updates watchOS tvOS 3.2 and 10.2.

watch OS 3.2 for the Apple Watch

watchOS 3.2 is a minor update. He is technical and corrects errors major release. Traditionally in the build fixed bugs and improved performance.

The main novelty of watchOS 3.2 is a new mode of operation Theater Mode (“theater Mode”). It allows users to disable the sound device and disable the function of turning the screen on when picked up wrist.

When you activate this function, notifications continue to be received on the watch, the owner of the Apple Watch will only receive haptic effects to not miss an important message. Also, the update adds a set of tools SiriKit, who works in the same way as on the iPhone.

The final version of watch OS 3.3 is available for download via the standard Clock app on the iPhone. To do this, go to Clock –> General –> software Update.

tvOS 10.2 for Apple TV

As for tvOS 10.2, this is a technical update for the basic version, designed for set-top box Apple TV fourth generation. It contains several new features, fixing bugs and improvements.

Among the innovations is the update worth noting is the support function Accelerated Scrolling for applications, UIKit and TVMLKit, support programs, Device Enrollment, Expanded Mobile Device Management and framework VideoToolbox.

Install tvOS 10 right now, going into the settings of your operating system. The final version of the OS can load all the users of Apple TV fourth generation.

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