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The release of the Delta – emulator Game Boy and Nintendo 64 for iOS 10

Developer Riley Testut, previously created GBA4iOS, has released a new classic console emulator for iPhone and iPad. The app, called Delta allows you to run on iPhone and iPad game developed for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and others.

The Delta app is released specially for devices running iOS 10. The Creator of the emulator is suggested users to see a large number of games created for classic game consoles.

Delta allows you to run on iPhone and iPad games from several gaming consoles. Initially, it is a Game Boy (Color), Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. In the future the number of supported models will grow.

The use of Delta is to open in browser image or import the. zip file and run the app. Thus, it is possible to play all the classic game projects. In addition to native support for iOS 10, the emulator boasts a user-friendly interface and customizable gaming buttons.

Claimed to support cloud services for storage and synchronization of your game projects. In the future, users can also AutoSave and game controller support.

At the moment Riley Testut offers to download the Delta beta 2. To the Assembly by clicking this link.

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