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The release of the Apple Watch Series 3 scheduled for September this year

Apple will introduce the third generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch in September of this year. Such information includes the Digitimes, referring to sources in the supply chain of the company.

Currently, the Apple Watch is collected on the capacity of Taiwanese Quanta Computer. Apple Watch Series 3, as noted, will be carried out in the framework of the ODM project with the same Taiwanese company. The production of the current second generation Apple Watch will partially give the company Compal.

According to unofficial information, Compal needs to get to work on the Apple devices in the second half of 2017. Compal is one of the largest contract assemblers laptops and wearable devices, last year the company shipped 5 million gadgets of this type.

Compal recently had equipment for the production of “smart” gadgets at factories in Chongqing, ready to manufacture the Apple Watch. New orders will help fill capacity, empty due to the reduction in production.

According to preliminary information, Apple Watch Series 3 will get LTE support. New smart watch Apple will be equipped with energy-efficient Wi-Fi module CAT-M1 will come in a version with a slot for a SIM card.

Apple tries to add a cellular modem in the Apple Watch for several years. She was not able to make it work due to the high energy consumption of the chips. In early 2016 there were rumors that cellular connectivity will appear in the clock of the second generation, but rumors were not confirmed.

If the information is confirmed, Apple Watch can become more independent device. In the second hour there was a series of GPS module, allowing to use them for navigation. In that case, if the gadget will be equipped with a cellular chip, for making calls and listening to music through streaming services iPhone will be optional.

According to research firm Canalys, in 2016, Apple sold 11.9 million of the Apple watch, which is 49% of the total market of smart hours.

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