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The release of Springtomize for iOS 4 10

As expected, in came Springtomize Cydia 4 – updated app for iPhone and iPad with jailbreak. Popular solution for the modification of the iOS interface has got the support of the latest version of mobile OS from Apple.

About the upcoming launch of Springtomize for iOS 4 10 last week announced a developer Filippo of Bigarella. Popular add-in is designed to help fans customize the interface to update the look of the iPhone and iPad.

Springtomize is unique in its kind superstructure and combines the functions of several dozen other jailbreak tweaks, allowing you to activate any of them without election of choice!. The program settings include 11 items for the management interface, see “Animation”, “control”, “multi-Tasking”, “Doc”, “Folder”, “Icons”, “Home screen, “lock Screen” and others.

The key innovation Springtomize 4 – the appearance section of the profile. Now the user can configure any number of interfaces for iOS and switch between them “one-click”. This is, perhaps, the very expected function of Springtomize, given the fact that the app offers a countless variety of options for configuring the interface, icons, folders, dock, status bar, lockscreen, dashboard, multitasking and animation.

In addition to the new features in Springtomize 4 fixed bugs and improved stability. Upgrade for users of older versions are offered for $1.99 for new users this tweak will cost $4,99.

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