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The release of Chrome 54 for Mac and PC that automatically changes the YouTube videos in Flash to HTML5

Google has released the final version of the Chrome browser 54, which brings the support of a number of innovations. One of the most important innovations is considered a function of automatic replacement of YouTube video in the Flash format into HTML5 video.

54 Chrome became available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices. In the new version of the Google browser automatically change Flash video from popular video sharing Network in HTML5. On many sites using the old way to insert clips, but now Chrome will use more efficient video format.

Another important innovation Chrome 54 became the Custom Elements specification V1, which will allow developers to create their own HTML tags. Chrome already supports non-standard HTML tags, but only in the intermediate unfinished version of the Custom Elements specification. Custom Elements V1 will be supported by all leading browsers, while Chrome is 54 and the beta version of Opera 41, the rest are content with version V0. Google currently plans to work with both variants.

Another innovation Chrome 54 was the BroadcastChannel mechanism by which Windows, tabs, frames, services can communicate with each other. This will allow web services easier for you to synchronize data between Windows and tabs for a single URL.

An updated version of the browser on the Android platform, which has received the function Element.requestFullScreen(). It is used by developers to automatically move the video content in full screen mode when you change the device orientation in space.

Another new version has an improved Page Visibility API, which allows video to play while scrolling through the page. It is already know how most browsers on a PC, but for the sake of saving energy, this feature has been deprived of the mobile device.

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Another feature of mobile Chrome for of YouTube. In previous versions of the browser, video playback is automatically stopped when you minimize the program or switch to another app. Chrome 54 has the opportunity listen to the background audio from the video even when the browser window is minimized.

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