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The release of AR glasses, Apple Glasses will be held in 2021

Apple may release a device with augmented reality in 2021. Apple analyst, gene Munster predicts that 10 million units of the Apple Glasses in the first year of an exit device.

Apple CEO Tim cook has already laid some of the Foundation technologies for AR such as ARKit and the use of dedicated optics AR in iPhone.

Not very successful Google Glass in 2015, add a spoonful of tar in AR, as well as the hostility of society towards people who wear cameras and record everything they see.

Analysts initially expected the Apple Glasses in September 2020, but then moved the forecasts for December 2021, so they decided that AR technology is still far ahead.

According to experts, 10 million Apple branded glasses can be sold in the first year, which is similar to the same success as the Apple Watch. By the way, experts believe that the cost of the accessory may be $ 1,300, which is nice impact on the budget of the company. In total the company from Cupertino can put in his pocket about $ 13 billion in just the first year of augmented reality glasses.

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