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The release iDeviceReRestore utility to restore 32-bit devices on any version of iOS 9.x

In early March, a group of developers have announced a tool for downgrade 32-bit devices on iOS 9.x. Today we release a new utility to roll back your iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.x and iOS 9.x on any version of iOS 9, including support jailbreak.

Output iDeviceReRestore – great news for owners of 32-bit gadgets who are stuck on iOS and iOS 9.3.5 10.3, for which no jailbreak is available. The program allows you to go back to the firmware that has the jailbreak exploits, install a more recent version of the operating system or recover from a failed jailbreak. We are talking about any version of iOS 9.x and any initial firmware.

Have iDeviceReRestore 1.0.1 there are a few limitations you should be aware of. First, the tool is only available for the operating systems macOS and Linux. Second, install the iOS 9.x is possible only if you have a saved SHSH certificates. In addition, a downgrade is only available for 32-bit devices.

Opportunities iDeviceReRestore:

  • Support for 32-bit devices.
  • Supported iOS 9.x.
  • The initial version of the OS can be any, tested with iOS 6 to iOS 10, inclusive.
  • To use this method jailbreak is not required.
  • The procedure does not need keys or bundles.
  • Definitely saved certificates blobs.
  • Requirements for blobs: it may not be OTA-certificates. Files should be saved without a nonce. If they begin with lines MIIKkj, all right.
  • The method provides for a signed version, for example Prometheus.
  • Restore iOS 9, iOS 9 can be done from recovery mode, restore a version other than iOS 9, iOS 9 – just out of DFU mode.
  • Have blobs should be separate tickets iBSS for use DFU.Otherwise, they can only be used to restore with iOS 9 iOS 9.

To check the compatibility of blossom with iDeviceReRestore from the tool with absinthe Nonce Checker. According to the creators of the tools that Apple has no technical possibilities to close this installation method iOS 9.

Download the latest version of iDeviceReRestore on the website of the developers via this link.

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