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The rejection of a 3.5 mm of audio Jack in the iPhone 7 as a way to improve music

According to the latest rumors, Apple will abandon the 3.5 mm audio connector in the new iPhone 7, which will be used to brand the Lightning port. It is believed that this innovation will make the iPhone even thinner. Well-known journalist and music expert Jim Dalrymple believes that it is right and timely step, despite the protests of Internet users.

“If you look at how Apple comes with the introduction of new technologies, you will see that all such decisions are first greeted with hostility. However, the company always makes it good.

I am sure that if Apple decides to refuse audiojack, thanks to the Lightning interface, the music will sound better than with the old audio. Not just because Apple may use a special technology (noise reduction, etc.), but also because the current audio is not very efficient. It was created eons ago and for a long time not progressing. Fully digital connection will improve everything,” he writes.

I must say that the rumors that Apple decided to get rid of the 3.5 mm audio connector in future devices, caused a strong reaction online to the public. Over 200,000 people have signed an online petition against such a move. Dalrymple surprised by such reactions. He believes that the reasons for dissatisfaction can be found by using the adapter everyone will be able to use your old headphones. Although he does not see in it sense.

“I am sure that the old earphones can be used with the new interface. But I don’t see any reason why people use old headphones. Don’t know why, but you will have the opportunity,” he said.

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Disclaimer of audio in addition to sound enhancement brings several advantages, says the journalist: the iPhone of available space for other components, for example, for the battery. “For me it is profitable from any point of view,” he concluded.

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