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The reaction of users to new Apple smart cover with built-in battery

Apple has started selling products under the name Smart Battery Case. Novelty is a case with a built-in battery for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. It protects your mobile device against mechanical impact and increases its battery life. The media and Internet users are differently perceived brand case for Apple

Some periodicals have ridiculed the design of the product, which is contrary to the principles of the American company. So, the battery strongly sticks out from the cover that increases the thickness placed in the iPhone 6s, says Lenta. Although Apple could distribute it evenly on the back. The design is controversial, say the commentators, Recalling that such feelings caused branded docking station Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch.

The Guardian journalist Alex Hern wrote on Twitter: “initially Why, the hell, it was impossible to make an iPhone two millimeters thicker? In Apple’s so sensitive to every detail. So our new phone requires tumor for $99 to charge enough from 7 to 23 hours.”

The observer of portal 9to5Mac’s Benjamin Mayo asked: “can Someone explain to me what’s so “smart” case for iPhone with a hump for the battery?”

And the Twitter account @JonyIveParody that mimics Apple’s design chief johnny Ive, users imagined how would her top Manager advertised their product. “A breakthrough, a breathtaking device, protective case and extra battery. And it is even not three separate devices!” — they joked.

The Verge journalist who wrote the review on the case, said: “I’m not sure the design here is the correct word. Looks like my iPhone ate the iPod.”

Many users of Smart Battery Case also was not in the taste. “Today we learned that Apple really hates the covers with the battery,” writes the developer Marco Arment.

“I — when I saw the Apple case,” writes blogger Jonathan Morrison.

Although there are those who responded not so negative:

Some observers expressed the opinion that by releasing their own case with battery Apple admitted that the autonomy of the iPhone 6s is insufficient, and the apparatus does not offer sufficient battery life. Otherwise she wouldn’t produce this accessory.

In 9to5Mac believe that Apple has discovered a new source of income and now earn at fault of the iPhone, offering owners the case with built-in battery.

“Hardly anything will change. Most likely, we will see even more new and thin iPhone case with built-in battery for it” — sums up edition.

Apple started selling the Smart Case Battery Monday, December 8th. The accessory is made of elastomer — a stretchable polymeric material that allows it to “stretch” on the cell phone. Outside it has a Lightning port and inside the plug of the Lighting. And when worn with iPhone charging at the same time. Full battery capacity 1877 mAh will be enough for up to 25 hours talking on the phone and up to 18 hours to surf the Internet via LTE. In Russia, the official price of the cover 7 is 700 rubles.

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