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The radiation level iPhone 7 five times higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The mobile devices except the CPU frequency, amount of RAM and display resolution, there is another important indicator was the level of radiation. As a rule, on the specs page manufacturers lead the SAR is “the level of radiation determines the energy of the electromagnetic field emitted in the tissues of the human body in one second.”

For a time after the release of iPhone 7 were carried out dozens of benchmarks and test trials in which the Apple smartphone were compared with the flagships on Android, including features, hardware capabilities and strength of design. But comparing top tubes Apple competitors of the kind we meet in the Network for the first time.

French edition PhonAndroid published the results of a new study associated with radiation from mobile devices. Experts say that the SAR for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus five times higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. According to the publication, the rate of radiation for the top-end handset Samsung is 0,264 W/kg and for Apple smartphones – is a 1.38 and 1.24 W/kg respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge became the leader of the rating. Second place went to Asus ZenFone smartphone 3 with result 0,278 W/kg. the Third and fourth places were taken by the Galaxy A5 and the Moto Z, which demonstrated the SAR at the level of 0.29 W/kg 0,304 W/kg, respectively. The worst performance in the ranking showed the Huawei Honor and Huawei 8 P9 with a score of 1.5 W/kg and 1.43 W/kg respectively.

The effect of electromagnetic radiation is a lot of controversy. Some try to prove that it can cause quite considerable damage to human health. Others argue that the radiation of smartphones, not exceeding certain norms, virtually harmless to the human body.

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Who do you trust – you decide. The Federal communications Commission in USA (FCC) and regulators in certain other countries have adopted the norm SAR is 1.6 W/kg when converted to 1 g of body tissue. In the countries of the European Union adopted the norm SAR is 2 W/kg for 10 g tissue.

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