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The protective film does not affect the 3D Touch in iPhone 6s

The 3D screen Touch was the major innovation in smartphones Apple new generation. For the first time in its history, the iPhone is able to distinguish the effect of depression on the display. Many users have a natural question arises: can the protective film to degrade the recognition accuracy of the pressing force. The answer to this question was given by the Vice-President of worldwide product marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller.

According to Schiller, potential customers of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus there is no reason for concern. Users will be able to protect your phones display film or a protective glass, continuing to use additional gestures to perform quick actions, and preview the content. By the way, thanks to the integrated actuator called the taptic Engine, the device sends an instant tactile response to pressing with force.

Strong pressing in the iPhone 6s can be compared with the click of the right button, causing additional options and menus. For example, the mail app works like this: opened the box, eyes chose the right letter. Just clicked on it, keep the finger — opening preview. If the letter is not interesting, just remove your finger and go back in the box. If you are interested, push harder and go to the management letter.

With the power of tapping the camera icon, immediately, right next to the finger, see the list of available options: make a video, taking selfies, etc. The same with “force push” to “Phone” — instantly get access to quick contacts.

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3D Touch at first sight seems not very significant innovation, but, like other Apple products, the devil is in the details. All these manipulations after a couple of hours will become so familiar that to upgrade to another smartphone will be very difficult.

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