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The Prosecutor’s office demanded to arrest the head of Samsung on suspicion of bribery President

The South Korean authorities insist on the arrest of the Deputy Chairman of Samsung Group Lee Jae-Yong on charges of corruption. Earlier in January the court rejected a similar request from prosecutors.

Lee Jae-Yong is son of Samsung group Chairman Lee Gonchi and is considered to be his future successor and the de facto head of the South Korean Corporation. A new trial on the issue of the arrest of Lee Jae-Yong will be held on Thursday, February 16. The top Manager was allowed to go home after more than a 15-hour questioning in the South Korean Prosecutor’s office.

If Jean is accused by authorities of involvement in bribery from Samsung in favor of Choi sung-SIL, a friend of the President of South Korea, in exchange for the support of a number of Samsung on the part of the government.

In particular, the Corporation listed more than $18 million accounts registered in Germany, firms owned by Choi sung SIL and her daughter for allegedly rendered by the company the consulting services, and also sent large funds created by Choi sung-SIL non-state funds. According to investigators, in return, Samsung provided support in the implementation of the merger of a number of its subsidiaries, the main shareholder of which was the state pension Fund.

The amount of the bribe, according to prosecutors, amounted to 30 billion won ($25,28 million). JEEN guilty of bribery denies, although earlier, on the eve of the hearings in the Parliament of South Korea promised to take “all fulness” ethical and legal responsibility for the participation of Samsung in the scandal.

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Samsung has previously admitted that he transferred large sums of money in several funds, but denies suspicions that it is connected with the state of the merger of the two companies-contractors.

In October last year, Lee Jae-Yong joined the Board of Directors of the group, it was expected that in the near future, it should fully take the reins of Samsung in their hands.

On Tuesday the South Korean giant’s shares fell in trading in Seoul on 1%. Since the beginning of the year capitalization of Samsung grew by 4%, despite the scandal.

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