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The project of “smart” hours Matrix, that should not be charged, collected 7 times more money than originally planned

Next week on the website Indiegogo will end the fundraiser on the release of Matrix PowerWatch — smart watch “endless” supply. The initial goal of $100,000, developers were able to raise over $730 000.

Despite the success of Apple Watch smart watch has not yet become a new milestone in the development of technologies and there are only an optional accessory, the purpose of which can not always explain even the owners. Problems in such devices are many, but one of the main disadvantages is the one that pulls back all niche and repels buyers — low battery life. Few people want to come home at night and put on charge yet another gadget with the iPhone, MacBook and AirPods.

Therefore, Matrix PowerWatch already have at least one significant advantage — a full-fledged smart watches that do not need to be charged. At all.

Integrated device technology is able to convert human body heat into electricity. No magic: like I learned to do back in 1821. This effect is called the thermoelectric or Seebeck effect: if the place of contact of two dissimilar conductors in a closed circuit have different temperatures, then it raises the electricity. NASA, for example, uses it in their spacecraft — the Voyager and the Mars Rover “Curiosity”. The traditional rubric question: why no one thought to apply this effect in wearable electronics before?

PowerWatch automatically enabled whenever you wear them. If the watch is removed, it is all collected in time use data is automatically saved in the device memory, and it goes into sleep mode. When you re-wear them PowerWatch re-booting and so on. If the watch is not removed, they will work the rest of your life.

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There are two versions of PowerWatch: normal and with the prefix “X”. The first is a classic 46 mm. It is similar to a traditional men’s watch, but not able to notify about the notifications. The second one is able, it is bigger (52 mm) and is positioned as sporty. Even something like the famous G-Shock. Judging by the photos, both versions look pretty nice, without feigned of futuristi.

Minus the notification system, the functional hours are the same: they know how to determine the quality of sleep and is considered a person consumed calories. Counting, by the way, is a non-standard way: using all the same termoelectrice. If the usual fitness trackers determine the number of calories burned is indirectly based on your height, age, and duration of physical activity, PowerWatch calculate this number according to the level given to your skin heat. The creators claim that this method is not less accurate and reliable.

Waterproof watch: in the normal version you can swim to a depth of 50 m, in the “sports” — up to 200 m (cook scuba). They work with both iPhone and Android-based smartphones, the diameter of both models is 1.2 inches.

Cost: $ 129 for normal model (shipping in July) for another $ 20 you can buy it in black color, but for $ 179 — PowerWatch X (shipping already in October). Considering how expensive most popular watches, price is very nice.

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